Saturday, January 27, 2018

The Ripple

I set out on a new journey this year as Stall Brook School’s new lead learner and principal. I left a
community that I served as both a classroom teacher and then administrator for over ten years. I even had the added bonus of having my children be in my school! It was so hard to leave, but the opportunity presented itself and I knew that it was time to spread my wings. leaving a community that I love and have deep roots.
We all know that change takes time. I embraced the challenge to build a culture at Stall Brook that was grounded in trust and mutual respect. We began the year by spreading the belief that, “We are SUPER Stall Brook” and that we all have superpowers to share with one another. I could go on and on about the amazing things that have happened for students, staff, and families as a result of this SUPER belief, but today I want to share the ripple effect with our staff.

All of these examples happened JUST THIS WEEK following our staff meeting! During the meeting, we practiced a new strategy for integrating speaking and listening into our work with students called, “Give One, Get One, Move On.” In addition, teachers were given a voluntary google challenge as part to grow our skills in our new Chromebooks. They could create a Jeopardy Game or a screencast. In addition, we have several staff members participating in a Twitter Challenge. There are examples of this, too! The amazing thing is I think I am missing some examples! I’m sharing 9 ripples below!

Example 1: A teacher created a screencast and shared out with all staff!
"I made a Screencast. It is an explanation of how I made my Money Jeopardy game. Brenda asked if I would feel comfortable sharing it with everyone....Sure---why not???? Hopefully I copied and pasted the correct link.

I am not sure if I like hearing my voice!!!! But, trying something new and stepping out of my comfort zone!"

Example 2: A teacher learned from the teacher above and created a new version!

Example 3: A teacher shared her success implementing the new “Give One, Get One” strategy in math.

“The kids loved it! I usually have students fill out an exit ticket at the end of a unit but thought I'd try something new and loved the idea from the staff meeting. First, we brainstormed together some of the skills we learned in Chapter 6 and I listed them on the smartboard. Then each student wrote one sentence on an index card about something they had learned. We then rotated 3 times and finally shared out each other's cards. I let my students pick who to pair up with and had no issues. It was great to see students share what their peers learned. After, I attached the index card to their assessment so they could bring home and share with families.”

Example 4: A teacher adapted “Give One, Get One” in PE. She not only shared it with our staff, she shared it with her professors from college and they used it with their students, too!

"Check out how I used the “Give One, Get One, Move On” strategy we did in the staff mtg as a yoga reflection activity in P.E.! Students enjoyed the interactive sharing and exchanging. Worked great!"

Example 5: A teacher used the video above to show her students the strategy and then adapted it to her writing instruction!

Example 6: A teacher takes the lead and creates a co-teaching presentation and facilitates a discussion with her colleagues to help them refine their practice!

Teachers will now practice this model for a month and we’ll reconnect to reflect and process.

Example 7: Two teachers created their first google site and shared it with familie

Example 8: Several teachers participated in their first Twitter Challenge! Here are some of their posts this week!

Example 9: Two kindergarten teachers took videos of their students for an “Intro to K” video for Kindergarten Information Night and they learned how to airdrop the videos to me!

I am proud and thankful to be a part of the SUPER culture we’re creating at Stall Brook School.

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