Monday, August 13, 2018

The Rabbit Listened (a gift from my mom)

My mom and I

My mother always finds a way to touch my heart.  She knows just what to say and do and she always supports me (both personally and professionally).  Yesterday she gave me the book, "The Rabbit Listened" by Cori Doerrfeld, as an early birthday gift.   

This story is about a little boy named Taylor who is going through a hard time. All of his friends try to suggest things he can do to feel better, but he doesn't want to talk to them. Finally, a rabbit comes and sits down next to Taylor. Taylor talks about his feelings and the rabbit just listens. Having a friend to listen is exactly what Taylor needed and by the end of his time with rabbit, Taylor felt happy and ready to try again.

Everyone needs a rabbit in their life who will listen to them.  My mother is my rabbit. She has helped me through so many challenges, just by listening.  She empowers me to think things through and supports me to come up with solutions independently.  I am so thankful for my mom.

Today I decided to make a read aloud video of "The Rabbit Listened" to share the message of this story with others.

Who is your rabbit?  Please comment below!


  1. There is a saying that I try to live by "shut up and listen" - "the rabbit listened" is much more PC! It is hard to shut up and listen - you want to share your wisdom or your story in order to help others and let them know they are not alone. Sometimes in life though all you need is an ear. . I am fortunate I have a few friends (but one in particular) who is my rabbit. I am also trying to shut up and listen to my kids.. instead of talk talk talk and tell tell tell. . I listen - it seems to be working (and I cant do it ALL the time) Love this book and thank you for sharing it. I may get this for my friend to thank her for being my rabbit and my kids - a great lesson - Its all going to be OK.

  2. This was from mary c btw. . I am new to twitter so still trying to figure it out :-)