Saturday, September 15, 2018

Growth Mindset- an essential element in every learning community!

I have spent the last few hours reflecting on a meeting I had with literacy coaches in our district yesterday.  We were sharing the qualities we want our students, our colleagues and ourselves to have along with the learning stances to cultivate growth.

We debriefed our discussions and realized that the root of our work is directly aligned with a growth mindset.  The group raised some very important questions including:
Have we cultivated a culture in our schools where students and educators feel trusted and supported?  Have we taught all members of our school community about the brain science behind growth mindset and explicit ways to put it into practice?

As a "step 1", I have gathered some resources and created a brief Growth Mindset Overview that could be used with educators and families to begin the discussion and sharing!

Growth Mindset Overview for Educators and Families

I welcome your feedback and participation.  Please comment below and share!

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