Monday, December 30, 2019


Five years ago I learned about the one-word initiative Jon Gordon wrote about in his book, "One Word that will Change Your Lifethat encourages people to identify one word that will be their driving force for the year (instead of a list of resolutions that are often hard to accomplish/attain).

I selected the following words over the years: believe (2016), wonder (2017), trust (2018), and empower (2019).

I have always been a go-getter and a worker.  I decided to take 6 vacation days to enjoy winter break with my family this year and I have to admit that I don't like where my mind is going.  I am exhausted- actually I'm burnt out.  I have always loved education and I have been committed to students, teachers, and families that I serve, but this vacation I have been thinking about my future differently.  I'm not trying to be negative, but I am trying to be honest. I have been missing out on so much of my life because I have been working too much.  I should be able to work hard and still be present for my family and friends.  I don't want to miss any more of my children's basketball games or be cooking dinner at 8:00pm because I was working late.

I need to refocus in 2020 and that is why my #oneword2020 is see.  I hope that seeing will allow me to be more present for others and for myself.

Over the next few days, I encourage all of you to take some time to determine your one word for 2020.

In addition, I suggest looking at this #oneword365 website to connect with people around the globe and to get a list of suggested words or check out this great collection of #oneword2020 from @mjjohnson1216 !

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