Sunday, September 29, 2019

Take 5 Breathing- Please Take Care!

This is the time of year when routines and structures are usually starting to click in our classrooms and schools, but sometimes this isn't the case- sometimes it takes a very long time, depending on the classroom dynamics, the complexity of student needs, and so much more.  

How can we take care of ourselves (and our students) when things aren't going exactly as planned?

I recently revisited the book, "Happy Teachers Change the World" and I thought the strategy below might come in handy. 

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"Taking 5":

~First, when you breathe, identify the in-breath as an in-breath, and the out-breath as an out-breath. When you use your mind to identify these breaths, there is no more thinking. Pay attention to your breath only, releasing everything else.

~Next, follow your in-breath and out-breaths all the way through, from beginning to end. By focusing our attention entirely on the breath, we cultivate concentration.

~”TAKE 5” mindful breaths every day before school begins to stop our bodies, calm our thoughts, and focus our minds.

~Reflection questions (optional): How do I feel right now? How is my breath (slow, fast?) How easy was it to keep my mind on my breath? How did this practice feel (strange, enjoyable, difficult, boring?)

~This practice can then be integrated into multiple learning activities throughout the day such as sports, assessment testing, etc.

In addition, here is a resource for from "Cult of Pedagogy" about self-care:

Let's take care of one another! Our students will benefit in the long run, too!

Please share other resources and strategies below!

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